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Master Teacher Training Courses 2021

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Friday July 23 5:00 - 8:30 PM Sunday July 25 1:00 - 5:00 PM

Interoception and Yoga Certification – A sensing approach to yoga to find body integrity through effortlessness


Transforming your practice and teaching to an inside-out approach that promotes greater accessibility in the classroom and self-empowerment for students.


We are more than just muscles, movements and joints. The impact of our teaching goes beyond the external body and has the potential to connect students to a more conscious level of movement and of being.


The yoga industry is growing exponentially, and many students are entering the classroom with a variety of issues, including trauma, stress, chronic tension, old injuries and a general lack of mind-body awareness. Recognizing the unique needs of different abilities, shapes, sizes, cultural backgrounds, identities and histories of students requires teachers to go beyond defining people simply as beginner or advanced, mobile or immobile, and instead to recognize that each person is more than just the physical body that we see moving into some agreed-upon shapes. Teachers are asking, “How can I ensure a safe experience for all, both physically and emotionally?” Students are seeking a path to self-healing for a lifetime of movement.


A somatic approach to teaching takes students into a deeper relationship with their own body to sense what they need to find the greatest ease for themselves. This approach incorporates an understanding of fascia, the brain and the nervous system. This perspective emphasizes subtle movement, grounded in the breath, and can be incorporated into any teaching style and any level of practice.


Based on science and rooted in practice, this in-depth 2-part workshop will explore the role sensory perception and interoception have on both our external and internal environment. We will learn to speak the language of fascia and the nervous system to create a safe environment for students and foster greater self-awareness and mind-body connection.

What we will be learning:

  • Looking beyond the physical – poses are more than just an assortment of cues to achieve a particular shape. How does the language we use affect the experience of the students?

  • Exteroception versus interoception – how sensation is processed in the brain and body

  • Fascia as the organ of consciousness

  • Merging fascia with the subtle body in meditation. A practical approach to guiding meditation for students.

  • Polyvagal Theory and why understanding this is critical to creating an accessible space for learning

  • Resetting and toning the Vagus Nerve, including specific tips and practices

  • Creating a healing practice – transitioning from a fitness-based approach to a healing approach based on the nervous system


Become a specialist in interoception in this 7.5 hour course, including live instruction and discussion, practice and demonstrations. Enhance your teaching skills, or as a student, learn to problem-solve and self-heal for your own body.


Friday July 23, 5 – 8:30 pm - $85 or $75 EBD through July 1

Sunday July 26, 1:00 – 5:00 pm - $95 or $85 EBD through July 1

Michelle Gregovic ERYT500

JMichelle Gregovic , RYT200/ERYT500, IYS, has been studying and teaching yoga for over 20 years. Suffering from health issues throughout and after college, Michelle was fortunate enough to stumble into a yoga class in 1993. Through the guidance of loving teachers, she was inspired to begin a journey of learning to truly care for herself. Studying holistic health, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Yamuna Body Rolling and a lot more yoga, has blessed her with knowledge that she is thrilled to share with others. She offers a teaching style that is lighthearted and infused with detailed and practical instruction to help students find a practice that is suited to their individual needs.