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Our Classes



It is our intention to teach students of all backgrounds and levels of experience the practices of body awareness, mindfulness, and relaxation through yoga.  We believe in a yoga that is rooted in tradition, but we also recognize that your modern body has modern needs. we want you to leave our studio moving better, breathing better, and feeling well-nourished.  


At Bella Yoga we are more than a yoga studio.  We are a wellness space.  We are a community of like-minded yogis seeking mindful yoga that heals, fills our soul, and brings us peace.  At Bella Yoga, we love simplicity.  Our yoga doesn't ask us to stand on our head or bend like a pretzel.  Our yoga practice doesn't ask much of us.  It asks us to slow down, pause, and look inside of ourselves and to find our true nature. 


Which  classes are right for you?  If you need to stay close to the ground, we recommend a Gentle or an All Levels class.  If you need to move a bit more, we recommend one of our Flow classes.  Seeking stillness and stress reduction?  Try Yin or Restorative Yoga.


Enjoy breath-based movements to invigorate and bring energy into your mind and body. Students are encouraged to practice at their pace and invited to explore the depth of each pose and breath fully. Students are guided through principles of proper alignment, breathing, and mindfulness.  


Focusing on breath and alignment, this class is infused with slow, carefully planned sequences that offer a softer approach to vinyasa yoga. This class is perfect for anyone new to yoga or anyone seeking a calming practice that supports the body, mind and soul. Modifications and variations will be provided. You will leave feeling peaceful and refreshed!


This class offers a softer approach to yoga and combines breath, slow movement and deep stretches to help you release tension. Our carefully planned sequences are perfect for anyone new to yoga or anyone seeking a nourishing, well-rounded practice that supports the body, mind and soul. Modifications and variations will be provided. You will leave feeling peaceful and nourished!


Move into stillness.  This class combines light movement, with the softness of yin and relaxation. This “feels good” class will help you unwind from your day and move you into your evening. Our sequences will be designed to calm your nervous system, gently release held tension and allow space for stillness and grounding. This class is perfect for giving back to yourself and filling your cup.  Class will end with an extended restorative Savasana.


Compliment your yoga practice with deep rest + active relaxation.  Restorative Yoga is a calm yoga practice which makes use of props to fully support the body in order promote relaxation, release tension, calm the mind and soothe the nervous system.  This practice is perfect for those of us who feel the need to decompress, relieve stress, and restore our body and mind to a state of health and inner calm. Supported by blankets and bolsters, your instructor will guide you through a sequence of resting poses designed to leave you feeling peaceful & rested. This practice is beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting the health of spine and the organs as well as assisting with digestion, circulation, fertility, promoting sleep, as well as many other health conditions.



Mostly seated postures, this slow, quiet and meditative practice is designed to stimulate the connective tissues to improve flexibility, range of motion and joint health.  Focusing mainly on the lower body, poses are held for up to five minutes allowing the student tio experience, explore and feel each posture.  This practice is not recommended if you are pregnant, or in some cases, have an injury. 

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