Prenatal yoga


Nurture You... Nurture Your Baby


To ensure the best care possible for you and your baby, we recommend our Prenatal Yoga Program designed just for YOU!  .  Your journey through pregnancy is a beautiful time to connect to your own breath and spirit and to that of your baby. As your body changes, your yoga practice will change and we are here to guide you in a safe, supportive, and peaceful environment. Benefits of this practice can help alleviate common aches and pains typically experienced during pregnancy, begin to prepare the body for childbirth, increase overall circulation, and create a nourishing bond with your baby. In this class you will Strengthen Pelvic Muscles, Reduce Water Retention, Learn Breath and Relaxation Techniques, Relieve Back Pain, Open Your Hips, and Connect Deeply with your Baby.  Please consult with your physician before attending classes.

Our Gentle Yoga classes with Niki are perfect for expecting mommas.

Join Niki Sunday at 1:30 or Tuesday at 9:30 AM

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