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Memberships &

Pricing Options

Introductory Offers 

new student intro offer
21 days unlimited

experience quality instruction with knowledgeable teachers!


Our slow-paced classes make it easy to commit to taking care of YOU.   We help our students create healthy lifestyles by offering a variety of yoga classes.   We specialize in yoga for stress reduction and classes that are slow and mindful to promote long-term wellness and healing for all levels of experience.


We believe in the power of a consistent yoga practice.   Because self-care is important, we offer packages to support your health and wellness needs.  To achieve your health and wellness goals, attending 2 to 3 classes per week is encouraged.  Your first 21 days is just $58.  This allows you to experience as many classes and teachers as you would like within your first two weeks!

Memberships include:

live streaming + discounts on boutique purchases + discounts on workshops 

All memberships are month-to-month (no long minimum contract).   Must provide 30 days written notice to cancel.

Add On Demand for Only $10/Month

Family members living in the same household receive a 10% discount on any  regularly priced membership


wellness 5
up to 5 classes/month
no long-term commitment

wellness 10
up to 10 classes/month
no long-term 

warm & cozy monthly
unlimited membership
no long-term

Additional Pricing Options

single in-studio


one year unlimited
prepaid membership


10-class pass
(6 month exp)




may be used toward new memberships, class packages or boutique purchases

traveler's pass


**No refunds on purchase of workshops, class packages or memberships

Gift Cards may be used toward new memberships,  workshops or series, class packages or boutique items.