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Nourish + Grow Together

Spring Renewal Sound Bath 

Join Mary Evelyn for a unique experience of sacred vibrational sound healing.


Unwind and decompress as you are immersed in a beautiful interweaving of melodies from crystal singing bowls, gong, ocean drum, Koshi element chimes, flute, hand drums, Tibetan metal singing bowls, crystal pyramids, vocal melodies, and other vibrational sound tools.


MaryEvelyn will guide you through a deep journey of illuminative relaxation, moving you through different brain wave states to calm your mind as well as your physical and energetic bodies. Vibrational sound frequencies work their sacred magic—supporting the parasympathetic nervous system, which turns on our relaxation response. Sound healing may help lessen anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and helps to deepen meditative states.


No experience necessary, this sound experience is suitable for everyone. Please bring your mat, a cozy blanket and pillow, or anything else that will help you get comfortable as we soften into our collective sound journey.


15% Off All Items


15% Off All Items

Yoga for the Yong Warrior

4-Week Series

Wednesdays June 5, 12, 19, and 26 at 11:00


Join Patti, CYT-200 and Certified Elementary Teacher for Kids Yoga!


Kids will be introduced to yoga poses fostering strength, balance, and flexibility in an environment filled with movement and mindfulness. Students will learn breathing techniques to promote a sense of peace and an ability to focus.


Join us as we take inspiration from some of our favorite characters who model resilience, bravery, and honor.

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