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Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga, like many styles of Yoga, has been shown to improve overall health and well-being. It increases range of motion, stretches and strengthens the muscle tissue, improves cardiovascular functioning, and opens you up to a more peaceful state of mind. You will also learn breath techniques to increase mental clarity and reduce stress. Receive all of these benefits from the stability and support of a chair! This is an opportunity for anybody with any kind of body to benefit from Yoga!  All are welcome!  
**Registration is Required. Space is Limited.


$15 per class or use your membership.  

About Niki:

My first introduction to Hatha yoga was in a church community center around 15 years ago whilst living in England. Movement and learning to consciously breathe had a huge impact on my ability to manage life with a new baby and a full time work schedule. Since that time I have tried many different styles of yoga and I am always drawn to a more gentler flow of yoga movement. I completed my 200hr integrative yoga therapy teacher training with Nurture Soul Therapeutics in December 2016. Since that time I have taken an intensive restorative yoga workshop and completed a prenatal teacher training. I am also a Reiki practitioner.

My passion lies in making yoga accessible to everyone. We are all unique and our bodies are not built the same so our yoga can look and will feel different to the person next to us. Through slowing down the breath, moving mindfully with the help of props (yes they are our friends !) we can all experience the joy of yoga.

Why I teach is quite simple. I have experienced the benefits of yoga in all aspects of my being and life, and I wanted to share this beautiful practice with the world around me. No matter who you are or what your capabilities are, you can benefit from some aspect of yoga, whether that be breath work, meditation, self inquiry or a physical practice to name a few.

In my class I offer you space. Space in your body to breathe and to move the energy within you. Space for your body to move and flow and space for your mind to experience stillness and peace.

Niki is currently working on advanced studies in Yoga Therapy.


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