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Get the most from yoru classes

The benefits of yoga are endless. Yet, many times we take one yoga class and feel it isn’t right for us because we didn’t leave with that blissful feeling.   Many times, this is because we haven’t found the right class, teacher, or even studio.


Here are a few tips to help you on your journey.


Come to class free of expectations.

Coming into each class with an open mind and an open heart allows you to fully experience the moment instead of having an expectation of what you had hoped it to be.  The truth is, it takes awhile to find your groove.  Postures seem awkward at first or a class isn’t right for you.  Each time we step on our mat is a unique experience.  Some days the postures seem easier, while other days the postures seem more difficult.  This could be because of how much sleep we have had, distractions (what we bring onto the mat with us), or even our current mindset.  Be curious and be open to what is.  Each class is a unique learning experience.


Have an intention.

An intention is about the state of being during, not about the final result. Set an intention to keep your mind focused on every breath of the practice. This will allow you to enjoy the moments instead of focusing on an end-result. 


Honor your own inner teacher.

Let your teacher be your guide, and let your inner voice be your teacher.  Each day, each class, each teacher is different.  What are your personal wellness needs?  We are all unique.  Just because a class is right for your friend, does not necessarily mean it is right for you.   The only way to find out what classes resonate with you, is to be curious and attend as many classes as you can during your Introductory period. 


Let us know how we can support you.

If you do have a specific injury, seek out a teacher that has experience and understands that specific injury so she can help you move safety into and out of postures.   It is also important to find a class that has a pace that is slower so you can personalize, adjust, and settle into each posture. 



Leave your phone at the door.

Honor the time devoted to the practice. Don’t bring a watch, phone, or any other device into the studio space that can connect you to the outside world.  The outside world can wait.  This is your time to focus on YOU.


Read class descriptions.

Not all yoga classes are the same.  Some teachers have spent years training in specific modalities to support the needs of our community.  Read class descriptions.  If you do attend a class and enjoyed it, yay!  If not, welcome the experience.  Maybe you will return to the class when you are ready.    



Bring your own stuff.

Your mat is your sacred space.  Each time you roll out and step on your mat you will feel a sense of peace and calm.


Be grateful.

Feel thankful for getting yourself to the studio, onto the mat, and into the moment. Your attitude of gratitude will infuse your practice with grace and will leave you will a felt-sense of peace long after you have rolled up your mat and stepped back into the world.


The teacher appears when the student is ready.

Do you have a specific quality you are seeking in a teacher? Some teachers specialize in classes that are more energizing, others specialize in classes that are slower in pace and more safety and alignment focused, and others special in classes designed to reduce stress.  If you are seeking a teacher or class with a specific quality, let us know!  We are always happy to guide you into classes that meet your personal wellness goals. 


Terms & Conditions

No refunds or extensions on purchase of workshops, class packages or memberships.  Class passes expire 6 months from purchase date.   Expired class passes may be extended for a fee.

Gift Cards may be used toward new memberships, workshops or series, class packages or boutique items.

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