We remain a studio dedicated to providing practices with heart, depth, trust, and integrity.  We are committed to keeping our community healthy.  Thank you for your patience while we create systems and standards to ensure the safety of our community.  It is important to us to be very thoughtful, deliberate and thorough as we put plans into place to re-open.


The following guidelines are intended for our community, students, teachers, and anyone entering Bella Yoga.  Your sincerest attention is appreciated.

We have a social responsibility to protect and take care of each other.  The trust, health and safety of our community is our number one priority, and we ask for your assistance in keeping yourself and others safe and healthy.


We look forward to continuing to provide a safe, supportive, and healthy yoga environment to our beloved yoga community. We are committed to keeping our yoga community connected, thriving and strong.

Studio Cleaning

Our efforts are to keep our studio germ-free include cleaning and sanitizing door handles, light switches, bathroom fixtures, floors, and often-touched areas before every class.  HEPA air cleaning systems are running during class in our spacious studio which includes high ceilings.  The UV-C lights will be turned on after hours. Front door is left open when weather permits to allow fresh air to circulate.

Stay Home

·        If you are not feeling well, exhibit flu-like symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath or breathing difficulties, have gastrointestinal discomfort, feel hot or feverish or even if you have a runny nose.    


·        If you have recently been in contact with someone who potentially has COVID-19 or has been confirmed to have COVID-19 or if you have visited a place where transmission is likely, please consider staying home for 14 days and enjoying our on demand classes. 


Class Registration

Students are required to sign up for class via MindBody prior to arriving at the studio at least two hours before class begins. All payments are to be processed online through MindBody prior to arriving. This is to protect the students as well as the staff. No “walk ins” will be permitted.  Please give your teacher your name so we can check you in upon arrival.    We also ask that you pre-register for live streaming classes.  If no one signs up for a session two hours before a class begins, that session will be cancelled. 

Late Cancellation  /No Show

Classes size is limited to 7 (less than 50% capacity) with a waitlist of 4. If you register for a class and then cannot attend, please cancel your reservation at least 2 hours prior to class starting. Any no-shows or late cancellations (less than 2 hours before class begins) will be charged a $26 late cancellation/no-show fee.  No exceptions.


Hours of Operation

Our studio doors will open 10 minutes before the start of class (no sooner) so we can ensure the space is properly disinfected.  You may wait in your car or outside until we open the doors.  Please arrive on time.  Students will not be admitted into the studio once class begins. 


Face Masks

Because 90% off our community have been fully vaccinated, we have revised our face mask policy.  We understand that some may feel comfortable with them and some feel comfortable without.  Which is why we have mask required options and mask optional options.   For class that are mask optional, please wear mask upon arriving, while in the lobby, and while walking around the studio and in the common areas.  Face masks are optional once class begins.    Please ensure mask is comfortable and you are able to breathe through it.  If you remove your mask, please return to wearing your mask as soon as class finishes.  


Reception Area

Please honor the personal space of others.  Please do not gather in the reception area or restroom hallway and practice social distancing. If someone is near the cubby in the reception area, please sit in one of the blue chairs or wait outside until they have entered the practice area. Once in the practice space, maintain 6 ft distance at all times.   If someone is in the restroom, please wait on your yoga mat.


Personal Hygiene

·        Once you arrive to the studio, please remove your shoes and place in the cubbies.  Please do not wear your shoes in the practice area or bathroom as floors are disinfected daily. 



Personal Items

Please only bring necessary items into the studio.   Upon arrival, leave personal items in the cubbies with the exception of mat and yoga props.


Yoga Props

We are discontinuing the use of community/shared props until further notice. Students are asked to bring yoga props such as blocks, mat, and optional strap and blanket.  We will have some available for purchase.  You may also reserve a cubby which includes a set of blocks and clean blankets. 

Social Distancing

Our floor is marked to ensure that mats are six feet apart.  Please use the designated spaces along the barred wall first. 

These are just a few things we can do to keep our community healthy and thriving!


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