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November 26, 2019 

Shop Small, Enrich Lives...

Dear Friends,
Are you still shopping for the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones?  Why not shop local and support small business owners this year?
Hi.  I am Alix, small business owner, yoga studio owner, and yoga teacher at Bella Yoga.   Bella Yoga is my home away from home and a small boutique yoga studio located in Richmond TX.  We bring something very unique to our community and specialize in offering yoga that not only helps you move better, breathe better, and feel better, but also allows you to restore physically, mentally, and emotionally. 
When you support our sweet yoga studio, you are helping not only me and my family, but you are helping our community, our students, and our yoga teachers.  When you support our studio, you are helping to create jobs for local yoga teachers, some of whom are raising small children.
As the owner of Bella Yoga, I teach most of the classes, I am at the studio most days each week, I tailor the classes according to the needs of our community, and you receive personalized attention. 
When opening Bella Yoga, I wanted to bring something unique to our community.  My dream was to open a space where community could come together, a place that felt like home to me and others, where everyone could find ease from everyday stress, feel welcome, supported, loved, connected, accepted and enriched. 
This year, I hope you shop local.  I hope you support our local community and local small business owners.  When you shop local and shop small, you are bringing something unique into your home, and the homes of your loved ones. 

Our studio is warm and welcoming and we looking forward to welcoming you very soon!
Happiest of Holidays,

November 1, 2019

Quiet Mind, Peaceful Heart with Yin and Restorative Yoga

As we move into the autumn season, we become overly busy.     Perhaps we feel anxious, disconnected and even ungrounded.  As a remedy, we practice yin and restorative yoga as a way to become grounded, more settled, and to cultivate peace and calm in the body and mind.
Restorative yoga can be practiced by everybody regardless of experience level and physical ability.  Students are guided into supportive yoga poses using bolsters and blankets to encourage rest and relaxation.    Restorative yoga is a practice of restoring, receiving, and letting go so that we can allow the body and mind to rest and we achieve the desired benefits of this soft, peaceful practice.
Yin yoga is a slow, quiet and meditative practice and is designed to stimulate the connective tissues to improve flexibility, range of motion and joint health.  By finding stillness in these long-held postures, we are regulating the nervous system and allowing ourselves to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally.  
Both styles of yoga have become increasingly popular during the last decade.  Even if yoga isn’t a part of your self-care routine, restorative yoga and yin yoga are a wonderful complement to our over-scheduled lives.  We are often sleep deprived, stressed and anxious.  An accumulation of stress and sleep deprivation can contribute to depression, anxiety, illness, and a weakened immune system.  By allowing the body to slow down, rest and restore, these healing practices relieve stress and anxiety to prevent illnesses from occurring. 
As we move into these fall and winter months, it is important that we take special care of ourselves by acknowledging that we are overly busy, perhaps slowing down and restoring the body and quieting the mind.  A sixty-minute practice will relieve muscle tension and leave you feeling rested and well-nourished.
"To rest is not self-indulgent, to rest is to prepare to give the best of ourselves, and perhaps, most importantly, arrive at a place where we are able to understand what we have already been given."


October 1, 2019

Change is in the air! For many of us, the cooler months and fall color are a welcome change. But Autumn is also a time of reflection, and just like nature, a time for gently letting go.

Fall is a great time to step on your mat and establish a routine to remain grounded and calm. For many of us, this can be hard as there are so many things on our to-do list. But this is actually when we need yoga the most! When we calm our mind and create space, we can begin to think more clearly and there is so much more focus, ease and spaciousness off of the mat.

Our schedule is filled with the perfect blend of classes to meet you where you are. As I have shared with my students, practice with the body you have today. Just like the seasons and nature, our bodies change and it is important to use our energy efficiently. If you are used to taking faster-paced classes, try a slower-paced class, gentle yoga class or even a yin class to bring balance and restoration into your body.


Are you growing in your practice and feel you need a little bit more? In addition to our weekly classes, our schedule is filled with workshops this fall to allow you space to slow down and nourish!

Happy Autumn!


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