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At Bella Yoga, we focus on restoring your body and mind.  We are often stressed and overworked.   During our wakeful hours, our attention is drawn outward on action, interaction, accomplishments, to-do lists.  This constant interaction can leave us with an imbalance.  


As a remedy, we practice restorative yoga as a way to soothe the senses, become grounded, and to cultivate peace and calm in the body and mind.


The benefits are immediate as we move from sympathetic dominance (fight or flight) to parasympathetic dominance (rest and digest).  When the body is at rest, we begin to heal and repair, we strengthen our immune system, and regulate the systems in our body (circulatory, digestion, fertility).


Restorative yoga can be practiced by everybody regardless of experience level and physical ability.  Students are guided into supportive yoga poses using bolsters and blankets to encourage rest and relaxation.    Restorative yoga is a practice of restoring, receiving, and letting go so that we can allow the body and mind to rest and we achieve the desired benefits of this soft, peaceful practice.

 Yin yoga is a slow, quiet and meditative practice and is designed to stimulate the connective tissues to improve flexibility, range of motion and joint health.  By finding stillness in these long-held postures, we are regulating the nervous system and allowing ourselves to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Both styles of yoga have become increasingly popular during the last decade.  Even if yoga isn’t a part of your self-care routine, restorative yoga and yin yoga are a wonderful complement to our over-scheduled lives.  We are often sleep deprived, stressed and anxious.  An accumulation of stress and sleep deprivation can contribute to depression, anxiety, illness, and a weakened immune system.  By allowing the body to slow down, rest and restore, these healing practices relieve stress and anxiety to prevent illnesses from occurring.


So that we can care for our loved ones, it is important that we take special care of ourselves by acknowledging that we are overly busy, perhaps slowing down and restoring the body and quieting the mind.  A sixty-minute practice will relieve muscle tension and leave you feeling rested and well-nourished.


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