Compliment Your Yoga Practice


Compliment Your Yoga Practice!

Everything is blissful at Bella Yoga!

Whether you are a yogi, an athlete, a dancer, or seeking ways to balance your lifestyle, we have the the prefect blend of classes for you!  With our well-rounded schedule and diverse and knowledgeable teaching staff, there is something for everyone!

 Coming late spring!

Blissful Barre

Find bliss at the barre!  This 45 minute Barre class increases flexibility + strength using ballet-inspired movement, yoga, and Pilates techniques with the assistance of a ballet barre. This is an intense, low-impact workout to compliment your yoga practice and build long lean muscle. Most classes incorporate a ballet barre and use classic dance moves such as plies, alongside static stretches to increase strength + flexibility. We invite all people, body types, and backgrounds to join us! You don’t have to have a dance background or any prior yoga or barre experience. Hand towel required.

Release + Restore

Simply Bliss!  This class compliments our active lifestyle and  combines gentle movement, myofascial release and relaxing restorative yoga poses. This mellow + relaxing class offers a gentle approach to yoga that is perfect for students seeking a calm, soothing practice. Infused with gentle stretches to relieve tension + myofascial release for tissue recovery, this class will feed your soul. Class will end with a soothing restorative yoga posture.


Core + Restore

Cultivate Inner Strength + Resilience. This class is the perfect class to balance your life and yoga practice. The first half of class builds heat through sun salutations, strong postures and deep core work. The second half will include gentle stretches to leave you feeling balanced and well-nourished. A strong core is key for preventing back pain and is essential for dancers, athletes and yogis


Yin + Restore 

Find calm. This class blends the soothing elements of both yin and restorative yoga. Mostly seated postures, this slow, quiet, and meditative practice is designed to stimulate the connective tissues to improve flexibility, range of motion and joint health. Focusing mainly on the lower body (hips, pelvis, thighs, and lower spine), poses are held for up to five minutes allowing the student to experience, explore, and feel each posture. You will leave feeling peaceful and balanced. 


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